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Treat yourself and delight in an evening of decadent debauchery. By far hottest staff in the city, bottle service is always so fun here and the dancers are a great added touch! Cool new york feel with the entrance at the back. The music is always on point! Will definitely have my birthday there again they added balloons and ordered us pizza!

So lit! Great venue. Everything went very smoothly i had a table reservation the staff were all very friendly and helpful.

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Amazing experience, would highly recommend. I've been here a few times. Each time i've enjoyed the experience. The dj on saturdays plays awesome hip hop. The bouncers treat you as if you're invisible, and are extremely disrespectful to women and i would not say it's a safe place for women to be. If you stand up for yourself the smallest bit you're denied entry. The new management is horrible.

With ‘The Jungle Book,’ San Diego Ballet remains true to its core traditions, with a twist

They have the dumbest rules and the most ignorant and rude employees. Don't waste your time and money here unless you're in the mood to be disrespected, harassed, or kicked out for no reason. Bad birthday experience I booked bottle service and booth and asked if they could decorate the booth; they said they could hang up balloons. I sent my credit card info , got to the club and they didn't even have my name at the door.

They asked me to show my confirmation email and took forever for us to get inside When we finally get in, it smelled so bad and we were given some random person's booth, which was not decorated. I called weeks in advance to book bottle service and a booth and i spoke to "john" he is apparently a dj at the club. He promised me a booth and entries into the club as well as a snapchat filter for my boyfriends birthday.

When i got to the club the bouncer said they sold my booth to someone else and they pointed at people in my group and said they have attitude which at that point they denied us entry. I had 30 people with me and we are not "white" so the racist bouncers denied us entry. When i had mentioned john's name the bouncers said "there is no john that works here" i said he is a dj here at the ballet and they denied knowing him.

I would never recommend this club to anyone, you would only be wasting your time and money. The bouncers treat you like crap and don't respect their guests. This place deserves no stars and if people try to book here and are promised things don't expect them to follow through. They will only disappoint you. Me and my friends went there on may 14, we ended up buying bottles.

Bottle prices are good same as all the other clubs on king street west. Music was great!! Dance shows could be better, amazing service! Ill definitely be back for the music and the ambiance. They promised burlesque dancers. There was one dancer who was in the stage for only 2 minutes all evening. I was expecting more. I cannot recommend this place. Otherwise it's a fine, if generic, club experience. This venue is def different in a good way!! It's hot and stylish with a great crowd, amazing music and friendly staff. The venue may be small but their burlesque shows are something you won't be able to find any where else in toronto.

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I def recommend this to anyone who likes to party and enjoys something different! Great atmosphere, great ambiance, great bartenders, friendly doorman. Spoiled by the security member who stood around the bar making snide comments about the guests. All in all. Last friday was my birthday and the folks at ballet treated me by giving me a booth, so my friends and i headed over there, small place but cozy and elegant, bartenders were hot, cool atmosphere.

The night was a bit slow, some people get in around 1 am, the shows were quite sexy and teasing, the dancer was alluring. They treated me so nicely, got cupcakes as well! I had a blast for my birthday and i think i'll be back often. I organized my best friend's bachelor party at ballet. I have to say we all had an absolute blast Maybe too much fun! Lol The burlesque shows there are great! Staff there are extremely friendly. I would highly recommend ballet for bachelor or bachelorette parties! Well it certainly had entertainment.

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I am not a clubber but my friend is one - the condition for me to go was that if we went to ballet because i wanted to see a performance rather than dance or drink my point made why i am not a clubber. So it surely didn't disappoint the girls where dancing and they where good-looking. The experience was new as i had been to maybe clubs since turning 20 and outside of the performance i would get bored quite easily.

This surely was interesting although not provocative enough to keep me engaged as i left the place after the first show. Its a nice place and it gets packed quickly because of its small size. My group of friends booked a booth at ballet after reading the numerous amount of good reviews on this venue.

Ballet definitely lived up to it's five star ratings!!! Making your girlfriend Happy? You might win tickets. In the News Archive. Click on the headlines below to read the full articles. Sense of Place vs. Directors Choice — PNB review , examiner. Ballerina moves smoothly into dancing images , Angela Sterling, a retired Pacific Northwest Ballet ballerina, has forged a successful second career as an international dance photographer.

The Seattle Times , April 5, Swan Lake Review , examiner. My goal was to highlight the ballet world; we use so much more than just our bodies. You need an understanding of music and choreography but also you need to know how to perform the character. I love being on the couch with a blanket and a glass of wine or prosecco and just talking or watching movies. I love old films. The story is so classic.

And I love the clothes. We do a couple of lobster rolls and a clam chowder. I get tired pretty early.