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A CRM can help you keep track of communications with a large number of leads, reminding you when to follow up and when to reestablish a connection. It's a valuable tool for staying on track, whether you're at day one or decade one of a side hustle. If your side gig is more temporary, a CRM will be useful for notifying your clients of business changes or catching up with them if you return to the project in the future.

Many people starting a side hustle struggle to get it off the ground. A shortage of customers or an inability to market effectively makes it hard to find regular work, and a small runway disappears before the liftoff.

How To Keep Your Thoughts On Track For Success

If, on the other hand, your challenge becomes more about keeping up with a massive demand, it might be time to transition your side hustle into your full-time job. If you do move your hustle from side to center court, don't go it alone. You can't possibly get everything done on your own, and a surge in demand can actually extinguish your progress if you can't keep up and satisfy your customers. Hire an employee or two and learn to delegate. Having the right team will eventually allow you to work on your business and not in it; maybe you'll even have the chance to start on a second side project if you're so inclined.

Side hustles often start out of necessity. When you're working full-time but you believe in something enough to invest your precious free time in it, it's crucial to figure out how to make it work for you. Follow the above steps to see success with your side hustle, whether you're a writer with a passion project or a consultant with an empire to build. Like this column? Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post. Say you led a team on a particular project and at the completion of the project, you proclaimed the project a complete failure.

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This not only fails to take in the whole picture as there were most likely things that worked, but it also serves to dismiss all the effort that went into the project in the first place. It can leave a team feeling dejected. This is the first step and also the hardest as you will need to police your own mind.

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You have to be a vigilant watchdog when it comes to your thoughts, not allowing them to run amok. Pay attention to how you feel emotionally.

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Negative thoughts will create negative emotional reactions. If you are feeling sad, angry, frustrated, pessimistic, annoyed - you name it - try to pinpoint the thought pattern that brought you to that emotional state. First, identify the trigger. If you catch yourself in the act of black and white thinking you can stop that train right in its tracks and flip the script.

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Which leads us to You might even start to see how this thinking has affected other areas of your life. Maybe you can even pinpoint where, why and how it started.

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Here is an exercise to help you with the obliteration process What is my negative thought? What evidence proves this thought true? I finished my report late. What evidence proves this thought false?

Allowing Your Success with the Power of Music!

What unhealthy feelings and behaviors does this thought cause? What will eventually happen if I continue thinking this way? What advice would I give a friend who feels this way?

Visualize Yourself as Unafraid

What conditions should I accept now? What can I do to make my thinking more positive?

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What words will express my new healthy thought?