As One with Authority, Second Edition: Reflective Leadership in Ministry

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Stated plainly, methodology matters. As I have considered these issues in relation to my academic work, I have recently found myself beginning to ask questions about theological method in relation to my ecclesial work. Should Vineyard leaders spend more time reflecting on methodology given that intentionality makes a difference in relation to discipleship?

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In the same way that I have asked what kind of disciples the Vineyard should be developing, I have begun to ask what type of theologians the Vineyard should be developing, for there is an important relationship between discipleship and theology. Without a robust theological method, how are we to expect people in Vineyard churches to make ethical decisions or participate in the process of spiritual discernment?

Do we simply recommend books to members of our churches, and if so, which books and why? Are Vineyard pastors supposed to make all of these decisions themselves, meeting throughout the week with people in order to inform them of the latest judgement?

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Having spent time in the Vineyard for most of my life, from a child to adulthood, I recognize several challenges toward infusing a value for theology within the Vineyard discipleship matrix. Second, far too many scholars have written theology with little or no concern for the average Christian [17] and far too many pastors have used that respective scholarship to establish their own intellectual sophistication with less concern with resourcing the congregation. Given these unique Vineyard challenges, where are we to go in order to thicken theological method within the context of the local church?

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What resources might serve Vineyard pastors, leaders, and church members to become more aware of the process of theology as discipleship and how might those resources serve to strengthen the Vineyard? What if Vineyard pastors considered it a measure of success for church members to understand how to discern and process in the midst of decision making and understood the role of the four primary sources, namely Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience.

As St. James states, we must be doers of the Word, not just listeners James Scripture is neither tame or controlled revelation! Building capacity toward a value for tradition in a movement that has historically self-identified as non-traditional [37] has significant challenges, to speak candidly. Yet the value of tradition cannot be understated. To acknowledge such does not require a softening of biblical-theological conviction but a humility that seeks to learn from others.

Have we really nothing to learn from other traditions, church history, and the development of theology throughout the course of history? Of course not! While space does not permit an exegetical summary of the role of conscious throughout Scripture, I believe that one can find compelling support toward its relationship with human reason, [46] especially in the theology of St.

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Experience within the Vineyard is like the pre-tribulational rapture for Dispensationalists — you cannot have one without the other! In most Vineyard churches, little is needed to encourage awareness of the usefulness of our religious experiences in the task of theological method. How is God present in the midst of suffering? Much more can be said related to why the Wesleyan Quadrilateral is the best resource for the Vineyard and how Vineyard leaders can infuse it into the culture of the churches they serve.

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Keith L. Glen G. Spawn and Archie T. Authors; Authors. By Jackson W. Second edition. Eugene, Ore. Article, book review Other academic Published. Jackson Carroll focuses on reclaiming a healthy understanding of authority in the church by reviewing the meaning and foundation of clergy authority and. God; " and a redefinition of the clergy's authority as interpreters of religious truth under the As One With Authority, Reflective Leadership in Ministry.

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  8. Facing such challenges calls for pastors able to lead with authority in ways at the As One with Authority, Second Edition: Reflective Leadership in Ministry. Catholic Ministry. In this article I am going to focus in on one biblical perspective that might Consider the descriptions and titles he uses for himself and his ministry: he is an apostle Rom ; 1 Cor , , Paul's leadership and authority did not just rest on 'being' to use the.. Personal reflection on Paul's leadership. Delegate to capable leaders. But select capable men from all the.

    Every promotion and growth in leadership needs to come with sober reflection. As one without authority? Authority is not a four-letter word; The relational dimension of authority; Authority for what? The central tasks of church.

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    At times, it can seem as if everyone in the church is talking about leaders and has been richly mined in Christian reflection on leadership, offering a pastoral. One day about 20 years ago, Cal Turner Jr. By virtue of their roles as leaders, pastors of black churches command significant influence within.. This is a course in ministry studies designed to help leaders This reflection requires a dual focus: 1 the..

    As One with Authority: Reflective Leadership. This paper suggests that while the liminal position is a difficult one for the pastor, it also provides some As one with authority: Reflective leadership in ministry. Davida Foy Crabtree. Getting to Know.