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The Blind Date Project — Silo Theatre

Angel returns to his office and is surprised that Lindsey isn't already there. Cordelia asks if Angel is going to go back for him, but Angel won't, explaining that if Lindsey got out he'll head to them, and if he didn't, then there's no reason to go back. Wesley finds the tube in Angel's briefcase and finds a roll of parchment inside.

He asks why Angel took it and Angel admits that he's not sure. Wesley says that he'll translate the ancient Aramaic on the parchment, but Cordelia discovers that first they'll have to translate the encrypted disks.

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Cordelia calls Willow for help decoding the disks. The now un-encrypted information reveals that Vanessa blinded herself when she was 21, then trained with a group of monks who believed that "enlightenment is seeing with the heart, not the mind. Lindsey arrives at the office, not telling them about what happened with Holland and still offering to help. The children arrived in the country earlier that day however they are staying with a guardian as their mentor is yet to arrive.

Angel instructs Cordelia and Wesley to intercept the mentor while he and Lindsey go to protect the children. Vanessa arrives at a safe house, killing the man guarding the children with her cane. Angel tells Lindsey to get the kids out.

Who'll find love on our blind date? This week it's Gaynor, 54, and Brian, 57,

Vanessa fights them both, but Angel eventually grabs her cane and stabs her with it. Wesley tells Angel that he may not know what his place is in the chaos, but he belongs somewhere in there. Holland proclaims his rescue of the children "noble" and notes that Lindsey probably made copies of what was on the disks. Lindsey says that he wants his own life, but Holland tells him that "we're all part of something larger. Lindsey stood up to the firm and won, and Holland wants him to stay with them.

In fact, he's giving Lindsey his own job, since Holland is getting a promotion. He tells Lindsey that it's his choice, then leaves. Lindsey stays put, looking out the window at the city lights as Angel does the same thing elsewhere. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Angel Season 1, Episode Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Episode Guide. Thomas Burr. Jennifer Badger Martin. Vanessa Weeks. Keilana Smith. Mind Reader 1. Dawn Suggs.

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