Bring Me The Head of El Monte Slim: The Order of Chaos

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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 19, Sheri Dusseault rated it it was amazing. Are you tired of government and corporate corruption? Do you wish someone would hero up do something about it? Well, meet El Monte Slim. This is a fun, fast paced book with charming, quirky and endearing characters that will make you smile. This book is humorous, but based on some very real trouble in western society.

You will enjoy the read, and it will make you think. The world really does need an El Monte Slim. Feb 11, Christopher Sanders rated it it was amazing. I just finished this book. As a judge, I'm not allowed to make recommendations, so of course I won't. Janine rated it it was amazing Mar 20, David Ryan rated it really liked it Feb 06, Tom Floyd marked it as to-read Jul 02, Parasol Parachute 8. Water Window 9. Nautilus Heavy Eyes. Since the early aughts, rapper Diabolic and producer Vanderslice have moved in similar circles, so it was only a matter of time that they would join forces for a collaborative record.

It's my job to trim the fat and present it in it's absolute best light. Exclusive to Record Store Day , Demon Music presents a narrated full-cast TV soundtrack adventure starring William Hartnell as the Doctor, pitted against a race of deadly female clones and their mechanical slaves. Pressed on g orange vinyl with purple splatters.

Iconoclastic trailblazer Dave Douglas and Greenleaf Music. A great introduction to this extraordinary music in a new format. Sunbeam Records present a reissue of Dragonfly's self-titled album, originally released in October of This deranged blend of acid rock and proto-metal is widely regarded as one of the heaviest albums ever made up to that point. Blue Monday A2. Enjoy Yourself A3. Hootchie Kootchie Man A4. I Feel It A5. Trombodo A6. Portrait Of Youth B1. Crazy Woman B2. She Don't Care B3. Time Has Slipped Away B4.

To Be Free B5. Darlin' B6. Miles Away 7": A1. Portrait Of Youth 45 version B1. Enjoy Yourself 45 version. Limited edition, numbered, picture disc. Composed and produced by Prince under the pseudonym Alexander Nevermind , one of Sheena Easton's most well-known - and most contentious - releases, now for the first time ever on 12" picture disc, and transferred from the original master tapes at Abbey Road studios.

First-ever reissue of this darkwave masterpiece. Includes deluxe packaging, liner notes from the band and two bonus songs not found on the original. Contains mostly original, groove-oriented tracks written by the band and produced by the legendary drummer, Steve Gadd. Inside the vast Goblin archive, "Yell" is perhaps one of the less well-known tracks, that undoubtedly deserves no less attention that the band's most famous works. It's a song composed for bass guitar, percussion and keyboards where an opening reminiscent of "L'alba dei morti viventi" is followed by a sudden vibe change, due to the quick entrance of all the other instruments: electric piano chords, a pulsating bass, obscure synths and twisted keyboards still preserve that mix of tension and and darkness that made Goblin unique in the soundtracks area.

The original edition of "Yell" is today one of the rarest Golbin releases, and is exclusively reissued for the first time ever by AMS Records on red vinyl, for the Record Store Day event. Not to be missed! Preppy Boy Nik Void Remix 2. Touch and Go Blancmange Remix 3.

Voodoo Doll Anna Meredith Remix. Lauderdale and will have a heavy focus in that region. Pressed on glow in the dark vinyl. The five Hooker compositions flow into each other, one after another, seamlessly, as if to take the listener on a musical voyage through time and space. The layers of vibrant sound, accompanied by trashing drums and shrieking sax show the incredible ability of each musician to take their instrumental vocabulary to a new level. The album receives its first ever vinyl release with this color pressing, exclusively for Record Store Day If one is aware of high prices on online music sites or is a part of any worldwide record collectors' circles, albums from groups such as Ithaca and Agincourt might sound familiar.

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Producers, composers, singers and multi-instrumentalists Peter Howell and John Ferdinando are two English musicians who started their partnership in the mids. From , with the release of their soundtrack for the play Alice Through The Looking Glass, until the release of a project called Friends in , they put together a total of five albums, Ithaca and Agincourt being the two most expensive and collectable of all of them. Incredibly rare and highly sought-after for years, the records contained a magical world brimming with folk music, soft psychedelia, psych-pop and progressive overtones; their music is absolutely exquisite and truly unique.

It is predominantly folk, but very far from its traditional format. The longer one listens to their legacy, the longer one is going to find peculiar elements of classical gestures plus many flourishes of soft psychedelia, idiosyncratic progressive overtones, acid-folk and a taste that one is always entering the enchanting toy world of psych-pop. It does make total sense that the word "cult" is frequently applied to describe their creations.

Both of them were interviewed for the liner notes, where they reveal their secret influences and their simple but unexpected ways of creating and composing. Be subtle, be daring, and be immersed in the magic world of Peter Howell and John Ferdinando. Questions Did You Know? Going Home B3. All My Life B4. Lisa B5. Barn Owl Blues B6. Kind Sir C1. When I Awoke C3.

Get Together C4. Joy In The Finding D1. Title Theme D2.

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Bluebottle Stripe D3. Fishing D4. Love Theme D5. Honesty D6. Windfall Wood D7. Tomorrow Come Someday CD: March Of The Chessman Mirabella Dance Of The Talking Flowers Dum And Dee Get Together Joy In The Finding Take Me There Dawn You Need Friends A Tale Of Your Life One Sweet Day Lonely Road In The Morning Take A Walk Once In A Winter Town Time To Run Someone Like You The composition for August at Akiko's takes his instrumental work with Dirty Beaches to more personal and experimental levels.

In doing so they "The Few" have tapped into and virtually broken the backbone of our entire legislative and legal sysem. From to they played over shows and had three full length albums and several releases on 7" and cassette. Since returning from hiatus in , they have had two 7" releases and been on three compilations. This pressing is on gram vinyl and is limited to numbered copies, on colored vinyl and on black.

Comes with a digital download. Haskins bemoans the futility of "sending thoughts and prayers" to solve this tragic issue and also the inherent hypocrisy of the present government. The 7" single "Thoughts and Prayers" comes packaged in a sleeve with a striking picture of a rifle with a bloody red circle around it and a line drawn through it. The complete lyrics of "Thoughts and Prayers" are printed on the back so the nation does not miss a word of this powerful call to action.

The B-Side is a haunting cover of Emily Jane Whites's "Hole in the Middle," another powerful political song that is equally as relevant today. RSD is the perfect time for him to raise his voice against America's shameful tragedy with his newest release, "Thoughts and Prayers. The Dreamer 2. Velvet 3. Blackeyedsusan 4. Park Bench People 5.

Spirits Up Above 6. Nola 7. Red 8. Winterwind 9. Desire Quiet Life UK 7" Version 2. Life In Tokyo Short Version 2. Life In Tokyo, Pt. It is now for the first time ever available on limited edition clear vinyl in limited pressing. Born at the crossroads of good old-fashioned Harlem soul power and next generation New Orleans sounds, John The Martyr's debut album is best described by lead singer Bill Hudson as a "gumbo".

Time 2. Cross The Line 3. Feeling Good 4.

Michael Oliver branded “total chaos” by Juve president; Buffon seethes – ProSoccerTalk

Prism 5. Channeled 2. Shy 3. Fury 4.


Brighter Day 5. Sci-Fi themes, comic book heroism, Halloween villains, and more. Worldwide run of copies. The pressing of the beast! An instrumental band, they played everything from hard rock to be-bop, and always with a strong focus on improvisation on Tuesday nights at The Baked Potato and soon, lines would form outside the club many hours before the show. Side A, E. Evolve and Transcend features the incomparable DJ Premier on the beat and a guest verse from Evidence. Awake And Love Fly By Night Wilderness, Ocean, And Space Love Is Strange All This I Do Behold Wakefulness Of The World The Morning Cometh Between My Inner World Daughter Of The Night Lost Spirit Of America Awake And Love II Peace Tell Me What You See.

First-ever release of this cult classic soundtrack for Creepozoids, composed by Guy Moon who aso composed instantly recognizable music for Looney Tunes and The Addams Family. Stoughton gatefold packaging, with liner notes from noth the composer and actress Linnea Quigley. Armed with his guitar, a vocal effects processor, and a few friends Cris Morgan, Randy Pirosko, and Douglas Esper , he embarked on a two year tour and completed a few recording sessions. The two recordings have never been released until now. His guitar solo on Nothing Compares 2 U never got completed as the band had to leave for a show that night in Salt Lake City.

Red Vinyl 1. Diamond Day 2.

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Glow Worms 3. Lily Pond 4. Timothy Grub 5. Where I Like To Stand 6.

Elmont T Slim

Swallow Song 7. Window Over The Bay 8. Rose Hip November 9. Come Wind Come Rain Hebridean Sun Rainbow River Trazlerman's Song Jog Along Bess Iris's Song For Us. Joe Nardone Sr. Pressed at Furnace Record Pressing.

Mike Watt releases on Record Store Day have become an annual tradition, and for good reason. The bass legend, whose massive resume spans from the Minutemen and fIREHOSE to the Stooges seems to have an endless supply of new, interesting projects, which find him collaborating with an eclectic group of musicians across a variety of genres.

Devin hails from Dischord band The Effects. A single produced by the highly-revered Saravah label at the time, featuring the Art Ensemble of Chicago backing the poetry of the little-remembered Alfred Panou, is not as well-known as the label's other releases. Seen in the film Weekend by Jean-Luc Godard, Alfred Panou, who is of mixed Benin-Togolese origin, already had a career as an actor in political theater when, pushed by producer Pierre Barouh, he recorded two of his texts concerning Black Power.

Panou's prose is one of the first, in its own way, to question the notion of black identity. The rowdy poly-instrumental jungle fantasy of the Art Ensemble of Chicago creates a musical counterpoint. First ever vinyl reissue; Color vinyl; Worldwide edition of Je Suis Un Sauvage B1. Brand new music from Pelican, the Chicago-based post-metal quartet.

Baby Shark has already taken a bite out of the internet with over 2 billion views, making it one of the most watched videos ever. The wonderful new Baby Shark 7" vinyl features the hit single and an electronic remix that will be enjoyed by the whole family. Originally released on San Francisco's Heyday records, the intention was always to release it on vinyl - 19 years later here it is with two extra tracks and new artwork including lyrics you can read, finally!

Pressed on blue vinyl. Forget The Radio 2. Swan 3. Wondering 4. Sanctuary 5. Waves Toward The Moon 6. Goodbye 7. Watching Us 9. After Eight All Those Wires Wreck A Sea Shanty What Is Her Name All That Remains. The central theme of the album title and the artwork of the original LP is focused on environmental damage to the earth. SIDE B 7. The American album also featured the full cover artwork as a poster, and a replica poster is also included in this special package. SIDE 1 1.

A Whiter Shade Of Pale 2. Something Following Me 4. Mabel 5. Cerdes Outside The Gates Of. SIDE 2 1. A Christmas Camel 2. Conquistador 3. Kaleidoscope 4. Salad Days Are Here Again 5. Repent Walpurgis. Bernard "Pretty" Purdie is an American drummer that needs little introduction. At an early age he began hitting cans with sticks and learned the elements of drumming techniques from overhearing lessons being given.

Good Livin' Good Lovin' 4. Day Dreaming 5. Song For Aretha 6. Heavy Soul Slinger. Stash is a previously unreleased album as mystical and mysterious as the great Rasputin himself. There is very little information available detailing where these recordings originated from or the reason why the album was never made available to the public. Dubbing Is A Must 2. Not A Word 3. Interplanetary Cowboy 4.

True Explanation 4. Guns and Cocaine Crime 2. No Bad Man Will Enter 3. City Lockdown Dub 4. Nova Police. For this very special rerelease, Coalmine Records is paying homage to the pioneering indie label, Delicious Vinyl, in remembrance of their co-founder, Matt Dike, who sadly passed in March This limited edition rerelease is manufactured exclusively for Record Store Day , where it will be available through various participating record shops. In the summer of , legal problems with the actual Salvation Army forced the band to change their name. This is an unreleased live recording from at Wilson Park in Torrance, CA and was recorded right before The Salvation Army was forced to change their name.

She Turns To Flowers 2. Upside Down 3. Lucifer Sam 4. Marjorie Tells Me 5. With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend 6. Feel A Whole Lot Better 7. I Am Your Guru 8. Going Home. Also, the performance occurred during the filming of a currently unreleased documentary entitled San Fermin: No Promises, which provides a glimpse into the five-year history of critically-acclaimed indie rock band San Fermin.

Shown through the lens of sold-out shows on the east and west coast, everyday life in New York City, and studio recording and rehearsal, the film unwraps the relationships that have transformed a grandiose, logistically impractical endeavor from bandleader Ellis Ludwig-Leone into a unique community of musicians and friends. As the journey unfolds, this community is tested by the departure of its lead singer as they begin work on a new album.

The show at The Fillmore was the last for the band's lead singer. The documentary will be released in conjunction with the live album and a digital or physical copy of the documentary will be included in the vinyl package. Major label debut album from Seven Mary Three, now being pressed on vinyl for the very first time! Features hits "Cumbersome" and "Water's Edge". Water's Edge 2.

Cumbersome 3. Roderigo 4. Devil Boy 5. My My 6. Lame 7. Headstrong 8. Anything 9. Margaret Punch In Punch Out Favorite Dog. Limited to 1, copies worldwide. Nearly 25 years after its initial release, Kenny Wayne Shepherd's debut album is being released on vinyl for the very first time! The limited edition Record Store Day release of this platinum selling album contains liner notes from Kenny Wayne himself. Born with a Broken Heart 2. Deja Voodoo 3. Aberdeen 4. Shame, Shame, Shame 5. One Foot on the Path 6. Everybody Gets the Blues 7. While We Cry 8. I'm Leaving You Commit a Crime 9.

Moscow Underground 2. Rockets 3. Stars Will Lead The Way 4. Kiss And Fly 2. Graffiti Soul 3. Blood Type O 4. This Is It 5. Shadows And Light. Christine 4. Get A Grip On Yourself 5. Peace Love And Understanding 2. Teardrop 3. Whiskey In the Jar 4. Sloop John B. First time on wax for Jamaican ska originators' masterpiece, green vinyl edition with poster insert exclusive for Record Store Day.

Skalloween 2. Skamania 3. El Pussycat 4. Right Now 5. Have A Good Time 6. Phoenix City 7. Trip To Mars 8.

Michael Oliver branded “total chaos” by Juve president; Buffon seethes

Instrumental, interstitial music, and spiritual sounds by the Spacebomb House Band, the musicians and arrangers behind records by Matthew E. They are joined by Greg Saunier of Deerhoof on this most special full album re-interpretation of Fugazi's classic In On The Killtaker-- reconfigured as a modern composition for these dark times. Sweet and Low 2. Facet Squared 3.

Cassavetes 4. Public Witness. Programme 6. Great Cop 2. Rend It 3. Returning The Screw 4. Instrument 5. Walken's Syndrome. Two song 7-inch on splatter colored vinyl by Stranger Attractor, a dark synth-wave duo from Indianapolis featuring former members of Skeletonwitch, Demiricous, and Sacred Leather.

His name was John Peel. The background story and atmospheric influence of this one-piece, minute composition came to life after this music driven character and long-time BBC progressive pioneer passed away in October , in the city of Cusco Peru close to the sacred Inca site Machu Picchu. Tangerine Dream owe John their international career. Edgar wanted to say thank you with this album, composed especially for John.

Caminos Del Inca 2. Machu Picchu 3. Tayta Inti 2. Rio Urubamba 3. La Piedra Intihuatana Serj Tankian System of a Down third solo album Harakiri is the most punk rock oriented record he ever created. Much like anything else that Tankian has ever released, there are deep sociological and political themes all throughout the album. The metal influences has been cut out, but the energy is still intact. Harakiri is one of the finest albums he delivered as a solo musician to date.

The package contains an 4-page booklet and exclusive bonus print. Rock the two removable patches to shred with the shell squad! First time reissue of this synth pop classic. Green vinyl in a single pocket gatefold sleeve true to the original. K7 in The album was "conceived as a single seamless sea of sound. This exclusive Record Store Day Version sees the album pressed on 2LP blue vinyl in a gatefold sleeve and includes 4 additional tracks that didn't make the original 1LP pressing.

My First 2. Elitsa 3. Springer 4. Joe Si Ha 2. Rosa 3. Bongo 4. No Hassle. Athens Andover is The Troggs' album featuring three-quarters of R. The collaboration came about serendipitously as R. Featuring numerous Troggs originals, a tune written by the three members of R. Crazy Annie Together Tuned Into Love Deja Vu Nowhere Road Dust Bowl I'm In Control Don't You Know What's Your Game Suspicious Hot Stuff.

Blister in the Sun Violent Femmes cover. Positive to everyone around him.

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After conceding a goal in the 29th minute, the Quakes responded within 10 minutes when Chris Wondolowski header home his 15th goal of the season. After placing as high as second in the Western Conference over the summer, the Quakes ended their season on a six-game losing streak and four points short of the cut. Howard hangs up the boots after a year journey that saw him play in the United States and England, where he featured for Manchester United and Everton. At Everton, the New Jersey native recorded appearances in a decade-long career.

The year-old also recorded caps with the U. It's been a pleasure, TimHowardGK. Rapids96 ThankYouTim pic. The longtime fullback completes a career that started 20 years ago, and saw him play in Holland, England, Scotland, Germany, Mexico and the United States. The draw, which gave the U.

Lloyd appeared to score the go-ahead goal in the 93rd minute but was ruled offside on her shot from eight yards out.