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    Collision Course by S.C. Stephens

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    Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry , 18 6 , Tomoyuki Oe, Jasbir S. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 43 , Primary structural determination of N-terminally blocked peptides from the bark ofEucommia ulmoides Oliv by mass spectrometric analysis. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry , 17 9 , Two novel antifungal peptides distinct with a five-disulfide motif from the bark of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. FEBS Letters , , Breukelaar has ensnared the reader with an astonishingly thought-provoking collection of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. Title: Collision: Stories Author: J.

    Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Her four years in a mountain town got her a degree in English coupled with certificates in creative writing and literature and minors in journalism and anthropology. She loves YA fiction and comedy and hopes to turn those two loves into a novel in the near future. You Might Also Like. A Collision of Worlds: J. Recommended Reading. Although she has issues of her own, she helps Luc through some of the hardest times of his life and find the closure he needs. Really did love reading this book, found myself in tears at times but it really is a beautiful story of love, getting through the hard times and moving on.

    View all 5 comments. Collision Course is my all time favourite S. Stephens book. It moved me more than any other story I've read and had me living and breathing every thought and emotion that the main character had. The feelings this book evokes are so powerful and gut-wrenching that at times it was almost painful to read, yet at the same time the story line was so compelling I couldn't stop. By time the book was over, I'd cried more than I had in months.

    Collision Course is truly a masterpiece and show cases exact Collision Course is my all time favourite S. Collision Course is truly a masterpiece and show cases exactly how good an author Stephens is. If you want to truly get into the mind of character, this is the book for you. I cannot recommend it enough! Brava S. Take a bow! Frankly, this book was way less emotional than I thought it'd be. I felt bad for Lucas, what happened to him, what he had to go through, and liked how he managed to overcome it, but that's about it.

    I think I snickered a few times too. But Lucas cries in it, I didn't reading it ok, guy, not supposed to, but you get the point. The entire plot felt a little too contrived. The entire book also seemed a bit too long. I liked watching Lucas struggling to put his life back together, seeing him start out all kinds of messed up, Sawyer being the rock there for him, but does he really need to reconcile with Josh three times?

    Did Mr. A soft smile lit her lips as her hand clenched mine, her beautiful gray eyes on our fingers. But somehow, somehow they brought me back. I think you get that. Stephens , you are most definitely the 'Queen of Angst'!!! Your books manage to turn me into a sobbing-blabbering mes A soft smile lit her lips as her hand clenched mine, her beautiful gray eyes on our fingers. Your books manage to turn me into a sobbing-blabbering mess of emotions , and a very bad one if I may add Oh lord , this book has such a high emotional factor.

    There is no way , that you can get through it without getting all teary eyed. There were times that I kinda looked like these : [image error] Oh wait let me fix that , I was like that practically all the times!! Things that I loved about this book : Firstly , I loved Sawyer's character. Oh my god , she was definitely an angel. All the shit that she has been through in her life had only made her a wise person.

    I loved how she was the pillar of support , love and comfort to Lucas. At times I found myself irritated with Lucas but then again all the mess that he was a part of got the better of him in so many ways. Lucas's dreams was just a simple of showing how his brain dealt with the loss of his friends and girlfriend. I thought the dream scenario's were handled in the most unique ways. I mean I just loved it!!! I hated the rumour mongers and attention seekers.

    I just couldn't understand how people could be so shallow. But ai'nt that the truth?? We live in a world filled with assortments of people. Show are good , some are bad , some are plain old mean and cruel. Recommended to readers who love S. Stephens and also love angst filled romances!! View all 6 comments. I really haven't the talent to convey my appreciation of this 'story'. This was the 4th book I had read by S.

    Stephens having read the vampire books first. Now, I loved those books and the characters and I read them voraciously. This was entirely different. The beauty of this book and the many characters within it meant it just soared. Yes, this is fiction but it moved me deeply I am male, I am in my 40's this is no lightweight throw-away of a book summed up by the 'Romance' genre and I am n I really haven't the talent to convey my appreciation of this 'story'.

    Yes, this is fiction but it moved me deeply I am male, I am in my 40's this is no lightweight throw-away of a book summed up by the 'Romance' genre and I am not ashamed to say that.

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    Not since Captain Correli's Mandeloin have I had moist eyes on the bus home from the office. I would like it if I could by the not-quite-as-environmentally-friendly paper-based book and put it on a bookshelf and where every year I could pull it out and meet up with Lucas and Sawyer and travelled their path and watched them triumph together over such devastating adversity. If this isn't the best book I have ever read it certainly lives there with the best. It invokes a physical reaction as you feel the utter despair of Lucas and you see the saviour, survivor and angel that is Sawyer through his eyes and experiences - oh that every man should have a Sawyer in his life It will take me several days to come to terms with it.

    A truly beautiful story and sumptious characters. I am grateful to have stumbled upon it. I look forward to reading it again; and just as it did this time I am sure it will bring several lumps to my throat. I could also empathise with Lucas and his experiences when having sufferd a severe head trauma sustained in a road accident I found my own reality and dreams crashed together and became inditinguishable but this wasn't why I loved it so much.

    Researchers report novel collision-based computing technique

    The story telling was exquisite and even the erotocism which threatens to overshadow some other books is handled with sensitivity and is necessary to convey a more complete understanding of just how desparate Lucas has become. I am sad to be able to write this wholly incomplete and largely understated review as to write it means I have finished at least for now the story of Lucas, Sawyer, their friends, their families and their enemies. Have I made myself clear yet? I adored this book. View all 3 comments. Shelves: faves , highest-honors , epic-reads , powerful , emotional.

    Where do I even begin!? I have never read a book that has left me sobbing in so many places before! Knowing what this poor kid went through Just sitting here writing this review, I am left with chills. I'm done reading and it still has an effect on me. I knew when I was already getting emotional during the Prologue that I should stop reading and pick up another book I kept reading.

    I couldn't bring myself to update for awhile. That Speech!? I don't think there was a dry eye in the gym! I know mine weren't. When I was finally done with the book, I found that I had cried so much that I was emotionally exhausted. No book has ever effected me so much. I hope that when you read this review you don't think There is a lot of good in here too. And it's the combination of the good and the bad that make this story such a heart wrenching read! I am in total awe of this book and the amazing S. It was truly an extremely deep emotional ride from start till finish.

    A heartbreaking beautiful story that at times made me forget to breathe and had me feeling every emotion that Lucas and Sawyer had. At times it was almost too hard to read because I felt so emotional and also cause I couldn't see anything because of the constant tears in my eyes went through 2 boxes of man-sized tissues in this one LOL! Lucas looses his 2 best f I am in total awe of this book and the amazing S. Lucas looses his 2 best friends and his girlfriend in a tragic accident, he is the sole survivor. This story shows the aftermath of this accident and it plays out over a year to the date.

    First day back at school Lucas meets the amazing and beautiful Sawyer I fell in absolute love with Lucas and Sawyer! I tried. I really did. But I just couldn't finish this book. How many times can a break down happen without finally having some resolution? It seemed like Lucas' break downs are always happening but without the much awaited "moving on" stage. This is not a long story, it is a dragged out one that has repeated scenes over and over and over again. No revelations, no resolu I tried. No revelations, no resolutions, no nothing. I know I shouldn't be one to talk because I don't know what it's like to lose three of the most important people in your life in one go but at one point, we all move on, right?

    And I just couldn't read anymore of how Lucas can't move on. You can't keep on piling issues on top of another without revealing just a little Ms. It had a lot of promise, but for now, I know it would seat in my to read shelf for a while. View 2 comments. Oh my goodness this book was so emotionally wonderful. The beginning started off so strongly and S. Stephens, I've come to find, is a magnificent author. However, I do agree with past reviews.

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    It could have been cut in half and had a MUCH stronger impact. Now, when I say that, it does not in ANY way mean this story was not a strong one. I am a sap for romances, love stories, movies, etc. I am pretty proud of that fact. But S. Stephen 3. Stephens is one of the FEW authors who truly brings welling tears to my eyes She writes in a way that is truly beautiful and reaches into your heart and to the depths of your soul. That sounds corny, but she continually makes me cry-and I rarely cry for books. Thoughtless was the same way; no matter how angry the main character s made me during the climax and revelation period of that novel, I couldn't help but to cry and I attribute that to the skillful writing of Stephens.

    But, and this is a heavy but, I really felt that the book lagged after a certain point; thus the 3. Had she cut some longer scenes or dream periods, I feel it would have been a 5 star rating-a strong 5. I hope Stephens continues to write these heart-wrenching novels that have characters with such depth, because they are amazing and fun to read. I cannot wait until another one of her expertly written novels comes out so I can admire her writing once again.

    For more of my reviews visit My heart never broke for someone so much when reading a book. This story is amazing, heart breaking, extremely emotional, and heart warming. You will go thru every emotion reading this book. You will need to put the book down and breath, cause you won't even realize you are holding your breath while reading it.

    He blames himself and he is having an extremely hard time dealing wit Lucas He blames himself and he is having an extremely hard time dealing with the accident and blames himself for it. He would dream about his dead friends and felt that was only way he could cope with living I don't care. I don't care about that life I want you guys" Lucas loved his Lil with all his heart. Lil loved Lucas with all her heart, but the tragic accident didn't give them a chance to tell each other I'm not trying to I never got to Then he meets Sawyer Sawyer had a troubled past and was making a mends in a new town and school.

    They connect instantly and she would be his savor Stephens is simply an amazing author! I will forever love the Thoughtless series above all other books and knew this story would also be a good one. She just has a way of bringing characters to life! I felt Lucas' pain and was rooting for him to find a way to forgive himself for a simple mistake and to find love and happiness with Sawyer.

    I loved their relationship and all the tenderness they held for each other! This one is definitely worth a 5 star review!!! Jan 29, Kenny Danewitz raveh rated it it was ok Shelves: did-not-finish. Shelves: nook-books , favorites , standalones , 5-star-books. Collision Course Review Book Rating: 5 stars out of 5. Story Line: 5 stars out of 5. I loved this book. It was amazing. I could connect with Lucas throughout the whole thing. I felt his pain. This whole story brought out so many emotions within me.

    It's hard to lose people. It's harder when you are the reason they are gone.

    A Brute Force Novel, Audiobook 1

    Lucas went through so many things. It was hard to read at times. He felt alone in the school. No one had gone through what he experienced. They wouldn't have understood. Lucas' pain did resonate with me. It helps me to understand his character better. I loved him so much as well as Sawyer. She was a breath of sunshine for him. Her presence did make him happy which in turn made me happy too.

    He didn't want to let go of his friends, but he in the end he knew to keep them in his heart which is a beautiful thing. Reading this did take me a while, but I was focused on my own book. Stephens is an independent self published author. She does an amazing job with what she does. That inspires me also. I also have self published my own novel. She really is a great inspiration to me. I honestly cannot wait to read the Thoughtless series which I bought.

    It's beautiful. Characters: 5 stars out of 5. Lucas felt guilty for the death of his friends. His pain was my pain. I teared up for him so many times.