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Product Details About the Author. Her website won a Golden Horror Award from Horrorfind. An avid fan of 'old school' horror movies and their villains Freddy, Jason, Michael, Pinhead she is also a big Vincent Price fan.

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Halloween is her favorite time of the year, and she keeps her house decorated year-round. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A Song After Dark. Legend Quest —? Ghosted —? Creeped Out —? The Dark Tower ? Saaya Mr. Mercedes —? Dimension ? Locke and Key? Into the Dark ? The Lost Boys?


Empire of the Dead? Let the Right One In? Amazing Stories? The Twilight Zone? NOS4A2 Lore? Paranormal Event Response Unit? Nightmare Time? The People Under the Stairs? Castle Rock? Read The Light-House at E. We think of solitude and loneliness as walls that shut out the world. For Poe, the aloneness may have acted as a bridge to his necromantic literature. A master of dark fiction, Poe died, October 7, at Washington Hospital. Filed under Edgar Allan Poe , fiction , ghost stories , Halloween stories , horror , horror blogs , short stories , supernatural , tales of terror , weird tales.

She has experience as a journalist for newspapers in New York and Connecticut, a freelance copywriter, editing health, business communications, magazines and news articles, newsletters and advertising copy, but her true love is writing both short stories and novels — that destination for words that satisfies her most. From reading both books it seems assured she has a secure future in her chosen field of paranormal mystery. Cappa has that special gift of being able to make the supernatural natural, so polished is her prose and ability to string together ideas and development of same in a sustaining suspenseful manner.

Even as she describes supernatural imagery her descriptive sense makes the quasi-visible visible. And that is a talent that will draw even those who are not keen on supernatural stories into her fold. It was only a year after her death. Twenty-five years later, he opened the coffin of his boy, Waldo, who died at 5 years old.

Could any of us do this even once, let alone twice?

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Like Emerson, Hatch is a modern-day, transcendentalist. He believes we can all transcend mind and body. Emerson and the 19th-century transcendentalists had a passion for wakefulness, deep thought, and inspiration. Do you sometimes feel like you want to wake up and see a true vision? What is that exactly? He witnesses this crystal sphere connecting to the darkness of the dead.

Not if you know the secret that lies buried in Old Willow in Concord. Can you guess what this mysterious power is? Elias Hatch will not tell you. Only the dazzling faces of Old Willow will reveal it. There are authors who attempt to enter the realm of great literature on th ecoattalis of the famous writers and philosophers of the past. Paula Cappa knows how to inform her story with the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson and refrain from mimicking or palgarizing.

She simply, and quite assuredly incorporates the influence into her web. Through the twists and turns of the plot Cappa manages to establish the rare use of the concept of transcendentalism with a story that is staggeringly poignant. Paula Cappa is a fine, informed young writer and now with two successful books under her belt, we will be reading even more about her. Buy on Amazon. Founded in , Literary Aficionado provides professionally written book reviews and articles about current literary trends.

In addition to posting reviews on the Literary Aficionado website, reviews are also supplied to a growing lists of libraries, booksellers, and readers. Filed under fiction. Tagged as Literary Aficionado , Paula Cappa , ralph waldo emerson. Consider yourself invited to an intimate dinner party among the elegant and artistic Parisian society at the home of Marquise de Strada, a woman of enduring beauty and flamboyance. The guests decide to contact the spirit world.

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Whichever one of us experiences that sensation most keenly is the one who is chosen to be summoned. His duty is to get up, and extend his hand into the gap between the curtains, into the dark void beyond.

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In terms of 19th century literature of the French Decadent Movement, author Jean Lorrain was well known. His most famous novel is Monsieur De Phocas. A collection of his short stories is Nightmares of an Ether Drinker which Lorrain was and presumably died of an overdose.

Some readers consider Lorrain to be a breathtaking storyteller. How did you feel reading this short story? Could you tell the author was this dark?

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