Dissolved Air Flotation For Water Clarification

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What Is Dissolved Air Flotation?

Abstract The use of dissolved air flotation DAF for drinking water treatment has steadily grown in popularity in Atlantic Canada for the treatment of low turbidity water supplies with high levels of algae or dissolved organic matter. Runoff from high intensity rainfall events may cause a rapid increase in turbidity and dissolved organic matter in rivers and lakes used for drinking water. A technical evaluation of a DAF water treatment plant WTP was conducted to determine the contributing factors to clearwell turbidity increases resulting from increased raw water turbidity and colour during intense rainfall and runoff events.

In general, DAF uses more energy than sedimentation because of the recycle water pumping and air compressing requirements, and it usually needs protection from freezing and raining to prevent the floated solids from settling. These technologies and their applications are briefly described in this article. It is licensed by Infilco Degremont Inc.

The process is similar to a generic DAF process, with key differentiators being the slant wall and the orifice plate floor on the bottom of the DAF tank, which improve flow distribution in the separation zone and at the outlet through the plate floor.


Table 1 shows the typical process design criteria of the system. Since , there have been more than 40 AquaDAF installations throughout the world. The first system in the U. Most of the installations were as pretreatment for conventional filters in drinking water treatment; some were as pretreatment for membrane filtration or seawater desalination; and two were for wastewater tertiary treatment.

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AquaDAF used as pretreatment for desalination systems to combat red tide issues is a growing application worldwide. IDI has also conducted pilot testing in treating spent backwash water from membrane filtration systems. The process is similar to a generic DAF process with the main difference being that clarified effluent water is drawn off the bottom of the DAF tank by a series of lateral draw-off pipes that allow for uniform distribution along the bottom of the DAF cell.

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Table 3 shows the typical design criteria for Clari-DAF. Since the s, more than 40 Clari-DAF plants have been installed globally, with capacities ranging from 0. Most were installed as pretreatment for conventional filtration, with some for membrane filtration in drinking WTPs. Two installations were for treating spent filter backwash for recycling.

What is a DAF? How does a DAF Work? Dissolved Air Flotaiton by JWC Environmental

Leopold offers different models for different applications, and desalination pretreatment is one of the target markets. Enpure of the United Kingdom. The Enflo-DAF process uses lamella plates, or tubes, in the DAF tank to improve hydraulic flow distribution and increase the separation zone for improved separation of floc-bubble aggregates and free bubbles see Fig.

The Enflo-DAF process has a considerable number of installations in Europe and Asia for water treatment but it is still relatively new in North America. As Doosan continues to be a major global player in seawater desalination, the use of Enflo-DAF in desalination pretreatment is expected to flourish.

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Widely used for drinking water clarification in Europe since the late s, the first DAF system for such application in the U. It wasn't until the early s that DAF became more widely used in the U. Since that time, DAF has become a mainstream clarification process for drinking water treatment plants, especially where algae is prevalent, as well as a popular pretreatment process for seawater desalination systems to combat red tide or algae bloom occurrences throughout the world.

About the Author: Joseph Wong, P. Currently, he is the committee chair to prepare a new manual M Membrane Applications for Water Reuse.

Dissolved Air Flotation

The design of the Nick C. Oil is skimmed from the surface while sludge formed from solids is scraped from the bottom of the separator. The main difference between the system provided by dissolved air flotation manufacturers and that provided by water oil separator manufacturers is that dissolved air is not used to aid in the separation in a water oil separator system. The aeration stage, in which air is introduced, is the most analogous to a DAF wastewater system.

In the aeration stage, a biomass digests biological wastes from the wastewater. The biomass must be exposed to air because the digestion is an aerobic process and an aerobic environment allows the biomass to thrive. The system provided by aerobic treatment manufacturers and dissolved air flotation manufacturers differ primarily in the purpose of the air that is introduced into the wastewater. In a dissolved air flotation system, the air is introduced to cause solids to float to the surface while in an aerobic treatment system, air is introduced to aid the biomass in their digestion of biological waste in the wastewater.

The air bubbles adhere to suspended solids in the wastewater, causing them to float to the surface to form a froth layer.

Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)

While the system provided by induced gas flotation manufacturers and dissolved air flotation manufacturers seem similar, there are differences. First, the air introduced in an induced gas flotation system is merely mixed with the wastewater while the air introduced in a DAF water treatment system is dissolved into the recycle water that is reintroduced into the wastewater.