Evangelicals and American Foreign Policy

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He has talked of grabbing women by the genitals, demeaned immigrants from poor countries and said, in defiance of a central Christian tenet, that he has never seen reason to ask God for forgiveness.

Yet white evangelical support for Mr. Trump exceeded 80 percent in the election; he did better even than George W.

With Evangelicals Behind Him, Vice President Mike Pence Takes Prominent Role in Foreign Policy

Bush, who was outspoken about his rebirth through Jesus. Graham has said of Mr. The infatuation appalls some others on the religious right, among them Michael Gerson , a speechwriter for Mr. Bush who was reared in an evangelical family. In an Atlantic magazine article this spring, Mr.

‘Brought to Jesus’: the evangelical grip on the Trump administration

Gerson criticized the likes of Mr. Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr. All the same, Mr. He shares, and augments, their fear that the country they know is slipping away — if not already lost, what with upheavals like legalized same-sex marriage, acceptance of gay and transgender rights, and the ascension of religious and racial minorities. Those evangelicals, Mr. Thus far, he has delivered for them in significant ways.

Four Perspectives

His two appointments to the Supreme Court signal a desire to chip away at Roe v. President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. The Pew Forum found in that 82 percent of white evangelicals believed that Israel was given to the Jewish people by God—more than double the percentage of American Jews who believed the same—and almost half of them believed the United States was not supportive enough of Israel.

White evangelicals made up 23 percent of the electorate in , according to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life , large enough for their beliefs to influence candidates' foreign policy platforms.

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Much of the support for Israel among evangelicals and fundamentalists stems from a distinctive reading of the Old Testament. They believe that God's promises to Abraham regarding Israel were both literal and unbreakable and that these promises still hold today.

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