Fire in the Pasture

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The PBA was named in the lawsuit due to wording in its bylaws that erroneously made it appear that the PBA did contract burning for landowners.

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As a result, numerous PBAs rewrote their bylaws to emphasize they only provide education, training, and opportunities for landowners to conduct prescribed burns and to clarify that PBA membership does not provide the right to burn outside state laws or prescribed burning guidelines set by the PBA. One informative statement came from an individual who was a PBA member and had burned regularly but became concerned about risk following the outcome of the lawsuits stemming from this illegal burn in which he had no part.

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Now the fear is intellectual. With it comes inertia.

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Delivered by FeedBurner. Skip to content. Burned trees after wildfire, pollution and a lot of smoke. A field with dry grass and trees in the background, in clear weather, warm and sunny weather with dry grass is a great chance for forest fires. Fires destroy the dried up fields of the old cane in the quiet summer weather.

Fire intensity

Fires destroy the dried up fields of the old cane. Tall green pine tree canopies caught in wildfire and burning.

Burning the Pampas Grass

Scenic countryside farm field and beautiful luxury family houses in small rural village. Thick grey cloud of smoke rising above the burning pine trees caught in devastating forest fire on a hill slope. Two men try to put out a pasture fire using a damper. Silhouette photo.

J. Scott Brownlee

Fire burns stubble on the rice field to perpare for cultivation. The grass burns, a strong wind inflates the fire. Warm orange phragmites that look like a torch on fire by the lake, the wind is blowing them during a sunny day.

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Fire burns stubble on the field Outside the suburbs, PM 2. Fire Pile in Pasture.

University of Tasmania

Fire Hydrant in the Meadow. Here is a shot of an out of place fire hydrant. Pastures are destroyed by veld fires in the farms in Zimbabwe. Burning field, old dry grass on fire at spring. A flock of sheep scattered across a pasture in a mountainous region of Azerbaijan. A stubble fire burns in a rural field to clear the ground for another crop. Goat grazes on flammable grass, brush and shrubs to reduce the risk of brush fire.

Eco-friendly goats can get into hard-to-reach areas like hills, narrow canyons and gullies that mowers can't reach. A firenado moves along the advancing fireline of the Rhea wildfire in western Oklahoma. Ethnic woman returning to the village with wood being used to make a fire in order to cook the food. The dramatic smoke from a stubble fire on a farm billows up towards the afternoon sun in the sky.

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Camping under the stars. The Milky Way stretches overhead a blue tent high In the pasture ,Thailand nature park. Burnt young pines on the field during the bottom fire. Spring renewal of nature. Fire burns stubble on the field destroy summer. Summer fire in a dry field. Beautiful rainbow over a flat pasture field. A cloudy sky background. The grass is burning, the fire of which destroys everything in its path.