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It just kind of goes away when it wants to, and then my fingers are flying over the keyboard once again. Do you have a particular spot in your house that you call your comfy zone? The place where you write. Yes, my office. Big desk, big comfy chair, and absolute silence.

No, because he already knows better. And even though my office and the living room are at opposite ends of the house, he even keeps the TV volume lower so as not to disturb me. I have an eclectic sense of humor. It can be corny, dirty, flat out fun, and totally dry. Making myself laugh is all I really care about, though. But the one person that makes me laugh the most would have to be my man. Just looking at him gets me cracking up, lol! Just kidding! He seriously is funny, though.

He gets me to laugh at least once a day. What is the most frequently asked Jen question? What are you working on now?

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Athis Dey: Finding Home series book 4. Writing is obviously not just how you make your living, but your life-style as well.

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Uhh…take showers. Like I said before, I live a kind of simple borderline boring life. I get my best ideas when I take a shower, long car rides with music, and just anything around me that sparks my interest. Pretty much any het romance. I do prefer for it to have some sort of angst to it, though.

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Aside from writing, what else do you enjoy doing? Reading, watching movies, and spending time with my man and family. Any special projects coming out soon we should watch for? Airos: Finding Home series book 3. It was a pleasure having you here with us today.

And before you leave, can I get your help here in the kitchen? Morvea is the second book in the Finding Home series and the sequel is just as good as the first book, Pavarus. Between the fast-paced action and strong romantic undertones, Morvea is definitely not a book to be missed!

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The story itself flows smoothly and continues to do so throughout the novel. I loved the world building Ms. There is plenty of action, suspense and surprise elements that kept this reader guessing as well as becoming enthralled with the story itself and I found myself reading the entire book without stopping from start to finish. Both Eli and Keddrick are well-written, likeable and sympathetic characters. It was easy to see why these two men worked so well together. I also liked how not only did they love each other, they liked each other too. There is a kinship between them that really resonated off of the written page and into my imagination that I really appreciated as a reader.

I admit, there were times I wanted to shake some sense into Keddrick for dying the mating bond between them, but I also understood his fears and why he delayed it for so long. I also loved the secondary characters in this book. The first couple in the series, Wesley and Remus, plays a big part in this book and I enjoyed seeing where their relationship has progressed. Hopefully, Zane will wake up and realize his feelings for Larken…come on Zane…get with the program already!

All in all between the well-thought out storyline and unique and interesting characters, this comes across as a fresh read for me. Although, you could probably read this book as a stand-alone, I do NOT recommend doing this. To fully understand the dynamics between the characters as well as the backstory of Pavarus and the plight these characters go through, it is best to read the books in series order.

Wright takes me out of my misery soon and hurries up with the sequel to this book. Thrown into another world where dangerous creatures live and rule, will Wesley stay and find love with a vampire, or will the terrors of an unknown realm have him running home? On a camping trip in Louisiana, Wesley finds himself sucked down a hidden portal and thrown into another realm where he meets Remus, a warrior vampire. With the help of Remus, Wesley embarks on an adventure to find his way home, back to a world not filled with vampires and dragons and magic folk.

But will his love for Remus overcome his fears of the creatures that reign in this world? Remus has never wanted a man before, but finds himself drawn to Wesley despite his denying efforts. But after Wesley is kidnapped, Remus discovers his feelings for the man are stronger than he thought.

In my opinion, it had a very fresh read on a well-used storyline and the characters in this book were all interesting, unique people who I found myself really caring about. All of the warriors are kind to him, but the one person who intrigues him the most is Remus. Planning to write any like that? Share in the comments! Guess what? Campus Cravings is being retired on January 1st last chance to get all the stories as one low-priced bundle! If you are a reviewer and would like to request an ARC, click here! My is starting to look a little crazy. The good kind of crazy.

First, PortlandHeat launches in the Spring. I love this cover almost as much as I love this book. And each book totally stands alone. I have very minimal interaction between the different sets of heroes. They can be read in any order! My a cappella singing reality show LONG book otherwise known as kinkyvirginhero finally found a title and a home with Kensington! Also coming in My shorts from the Campus Cravings and Unconditional Surrender bundles will be released on their own with bonus epilogues.

And if it finds a home, ChristmasCamper may come out in late to cap off the year.

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Release day for Resilient Heart! January 27, By Annabeth Leave a Comment. January 13, By Annabeth Leave a Comment. January 8, By Annabeth Leave a Comment. Filed Under: News , Uncategorized. More characters of differing ability levels. I want to see readers buying these books. Talking about them. Sharing them with friends. And specifically I want to see some under-represented areas—more Asian heroes, particularly alpha-ish ones, more Native American characters , and more characters who take us to unusual places like the Pacific Islands and Mongolia. More life-altering relationships including BDSM.

Really want to make my year? More sports romances beyond Baseball and Hockey.

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