New Mommy?: Tips & Tricks to make your new life easier

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Collect all of the outfit components clothing, under garments, socks, and accessories and organize them by day using one of the smart methods below. It can even be personalized! This includes any homework or folders checked by mom if necessary , signed forms, library books, etc. If you need your coffee to function in the morning, have it ready the moment you walk into the kitchen. We have to admit, we hate doing this.

So bite the bullet and get as much of it packed as you can the night before.

12 Great Tips for Moms with Newborn Babies

Include all the necessities like the Lunch Box umm, yea , Thermos, small snack baggies or containers, cutting board, kid friendly knives, water bottles, utensils and napkins. Meaning that you have to actually get out of bed to turn it off could also come in handy for yourself! The more your kids can independently get themselves ready, the easier your mornings will be. These incredible morning routine charts will help keep your kids on track:. Did It! Use this nifty sticker hack to help your kids put their shoes on the right feet.

As time elapses, the red section gets smaller and smaller. Follow the tutorial at Crafting In The Rain.

13 Genius Breastfeeding Hacks to Make Life as a Nursing Mom So Much Easier

Need to be out the door by am? Set your phone alarm to go off at or however long you need to kick it into high gear — this will serve as your warning for everyone to go to the bathroom and start getting on shoes and coats. Just let us know where to send all your goodies!

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I love this post!!! Organization makes me glow. The lunch making system is genius too. You are the BEST!! Amazing ideas! Love the clock that rolls away from you — too funny. Wow these are some good tips and some very good DIY projects for organization as well. I love the bathroom and clothes tips!! Thanks for sharing! These are such wonderful ideas!

It looks practical to use and this is up my streets. Love everything in it. Excellent tips! Incredible post! So many ideas to use this one is going on my pinterest board for sure! So many great ideas!! Saving this for the next few weeks of organizing! Wonderful post! These are really great tips for the kids and for adults. I love the hair tie tricks. The bathroom organizational ideas are great too!

Soda Box Storage System

Great ideas! So many great ideas for me to implement! Thank you! I love every single tip here! Thanks so much! Love the idea of silverware organizer to organize jewelry. Such great ideas. These are great ideas! I love all of this soo much, so many amazing tips. This is so perfect for my life right now!

I love organizing so these tips are great! The tackle box for the hair accessories is pure genius! Hi Belle — thanks for your kind words! Thanks again for your positivity! I love this post! How clever.

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Awesome job on this post. Great content, beautiful images and it totally fills needs that us busy moms have. Keep up the great work! But no more! His touch and voice are different than yours, and this will begin a bonding process and give you a break. Plus, it gets the baby used to being with someone other than you. The first few times can be hard.

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Make sure your baby is fed and well rested, as this will give you at least one or two hours before you're needed again. Then leave Dad and the baby alone. Your baby cries with you and you experiment to find out what's wrong. Dads need time to do this too - in their own way. You could have your partner bathe her, put her to bed or just read or talk to her.

When my daughter was 3 weeks, she liked to sleep only on me. Every time I put her in her bassinet after she fell asleep on me, she would wake up. I realized she probably liked the warmth. After she was done and had fallen asleep, I removed the heating pad and slipped the baby between the folds of the warm blanket. She would snuggle right in.

Prewarming a blanket in the dryer also works. When our baby was around 3 weeks old, she would cry and fuss because she was having a hard time falling asleep.

One day, we started rubbing her nose, and it worked. In fact, it worked every time. We would start at the top and stroke it straight down to the tip, over and over. Her eyes would grow heavy and eventually close. She is now 4 months old and it still works. Being a first-time parent can be stressful - especially when everyone wants to put in their two cents and what they're telling you doesn't feel right.

It was nerve-racking, but I learned to ignore it and remember that this is my child. If you let your baby - not someone else - tell you when he is hungry or tired, you will find that he and you!

4 Manageable Tips for Eating Healthy as a New Parent

To keep the baby warmer, more comfortable and less likely to cry, place a warm washcloth over her tummy during the bath. It makes all the difference between a happy water baby and a miserable one. Also, if your house is on the colder side, turn up the heat a little before the bath so the cold air won't be as much of a shock after the bath.

These tips made all the difference for my little girl - she loves bath time. People always say that babies cry because they want food, their diaper needs to be changed, they're bored, etc. Our son used to go nuts during his first month, and we tried everything to calm him. It turned out that what he really needed was less stimulation and more sleep. Sometimes babies really need less - not more - from you.

When a baby has a diaper blowout or upset tummy in the middle of the night, it can be hard on both mom and baby to have to completely unmake the crib or bassinet and change all the sheets - and all the fussing makes it that much harder to get the baby back to sleep. No fumbling for clean bedclothes - and no 2 a. What is Colic?