Secret Pleasure (Secret Series Book 2)

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Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. After a terrible breakup and the loss of her dream job, Airlea is just looking for a fresh start.


When her mother takes it upon herself to help, Airlea finds herself working for a wealthy family back in Italy, whose son was recently involved in a serious auto accident. She jumps at the chance to escape Greece and leave her worries behind, unaware of the new dangers she now faces in Rome.

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Dante is fed up with his broken body. All he wants to do is work through the pain and try to get his life back to normal. Trying to keep his nosy family out of his business and vying for the affection of his beautiful nurse could end up being a dangerous affair.

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The show is overseen and mostly directed by David Fincher , who is essentially reprising his film Zodiac. Painted in a threatening palette of emerald, taupe, sludge brown and abyssal black — the rare daytime exterior shots swap this for an irradiated glare — its trademark is a daringly long conversation between Ford and a crazed murderer, built on the tension of their intellectual sparring and the more unsettling possibility that the bad guy might escape his shackles and kill Ford there and then in the cell.

Secret Pleasure

When it debuted, Mindhunter sceptics found that, for all the bravura acting and precise direction that had others hailing a masterpiece, the series was as much of a precious prodigy as Ford himself. Series two tackles that criticism by sending its characters further out into the real world.

Decamping to Atlanta, a city that has just elected its first black mayor but is riven by racial schisms and reeling from the violent deaths of so many black children, offers a significant shift of tone. Ultimately, though, Mindhunter gets out of sleuth-cliche jail through our fascination with the real cases it dramatises: those who have devoured the BTK and Atlanta cases via true-crime podcasts and Wikipedia binges ought to appreciate the lurid creepiness of the former and the elusive oddness of the latter. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics TV crime drama TV review.