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Despite another attack by Tessa, they make their way into an inner vault owned by Hades, where Dresden opens a Way to the true vault, in the Nevernever. Once there, Nicodemus sacrifices Deirdre Archleone to gain entrance to the vault, where Dresden has a private conversation unbeknownst to the others with Hades himself. Once the grail is in his hands, Nicodemus wastes no time in turning on Dresden and Michael.

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Hanna Ascher and Genoskwa, an aggressive Bigfoot -like entity, are the new hosts for Lasciel and Ursiel , respectively. Nicodemus orders them and Goodman Grey who had supposedly killed Valmont to attack. At this point, Dresden remembers his first stop with Mab after their meeting with Nicodemus, where he had hired Grey to back him up prior to the planning of this mission. They then gather up the still-living Valmont and make their escape from the nevernever, but not before Nicodemus escapes and heads for Michael's house. With Binder's help, they get out of Marcone's vault and confront Nicodemus at Michael's home.

During the final fight, Butters takes up the broken Fidelacchius , which emits a lightsaber-style blade and chases off Nicodemus again. Afterwards, the group divide up a backpack full of diamonds Valmont had stolen from Hades' vault. Dresden pays Grey's fee of 1 dollar in cash, and uses Grey's unwanted share of the diamonds to bribe Marcone into forgetting the break-in, then visits Murphy in the hospital where the two share a passionate kiss.

Talking with Michael that evening, they reflect over the events of the past few days, leading them to worry about Dresden's future as the Winter Knight. Dresden figures out that everyone in the heist was a pawn. The plot was hatched between Mab and Marcone, to avenge themselves on Nicodemus, with the help of Hades.

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The plot succeeds: Nicodemus loses Deirdre Archleone and all his acolytes and his underworld reputation, but of course gains the Holy Grail as Mab had promised. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. The Dresden Files. Skin Game. Categories :. Cancel Save. Narrators Harry Dresden.

Nicodemus Archleone's noose. Intellectualism is the belief that one can separate an action from the results of such action, that one can separate theory from practice, and that one can always fix a complex system by hierarchical approaches, that is, in a ceremonial top-down manner. They are shouting that they have something to lose. For those familiar with the idea of nonlinear effects from Antifragile, learning is rooted in repetition and convexity, meaning that the reading of a single text twice is more profitable than reading two different things once, provided of course that said text has some depth of content.

Detecting that he was only invited to relieve them of the unwanted food, he forced them all to eat the turtles, thus establishing the principle that you need to eat what you feed others. You can give advice, or you can sell by advertising the quality of the product , and the two need to be kept separate. There is no problem if people have a conflict of interest if it is congruous with downside risk for themselves.

There is a tradeoff between laser surgery a precise surgical procedure and radiation therapy, which is toxic to both patient and cancer.

Statistically, laser surgery may have worse five-year outcomes than radiation therapy, but the latter tends to create second tumors in the longer run and offers comparatively reduced twenty-year disease-specific survival. Given that the window used for the calculation of patient survival is five years, not twenty, the incentive is to shoot for radiation. Should you drop dead a few weeks after the visit, a low probability event, the doctor can be sued for negligence, for not having prescribed the right medicine that is temporarily believed to be useful as in the case of statins , but that we now know has been backed up by suspicious or incomplete studies.

But the pharmaceutical companies have managed to convince everyone that these unseen consequences are harmless, when the right precautionary approach is to consider the unseen as potentially harmful.

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Except that the long-term medical risks are hidden; they will play out in the long run, whereas the legal risk is immediate. Now can one make medicine less asymmetric? Studying individual ants will almost never give us a clear indication of how the ant colony operates. For that, one needs to understand an ant colony as an ant colony, no less, no more, not a collection of ants.

It suffices for an intransigent minority—a certain type of intransigent minority—with significant skin in the game or, better, soul in the game to reach a minutely small level, say 3 or 4 percent of the total population, for the entire population to have to submit to their preferences. Let us apply the rule to domains where it can get entertaining: An honest person will never commit criminal acts, but a criminal will readily engage in legal acts.

Let us call such minority an intransigent group, and the majority a flexible one. And their relationship rests on an asymmetry in choices. Another example: do not think that the spread of automatic shifting cars is necessarily due to a majority preference; it could just be because those who can drive manual shifts can always drive automatic, but the reverse is not true.

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  • And it is packed. Shockingly, Italians are seeking refuge there from a risky meal. Pizza is the same story: it is a commonly accepted food, and, outside a gathering of pseudo-leftist caviar eaters, nobody will be blamed for ordering it. But most men will drink wine. So you only need one set of glasses if you serve only wine—the universal donor, to use the language of blood groups.

    First, under Islamic law, if a non-Muslim man marries a Muslim woman, he needs to convert to Islam—and if either parent of a child happens to be Muslim, the child will be Muslim.

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    Second, becoming Muslim is irreversible, as apostasy is the heaviest crime under the religion, sanctioned by the death penalty. What we read is history written by the Christian side, not the Greco-Roman one. Purely monotheistic religions such as Protestant Christianity, Salafi Islam, or fundamentalist atheism accommodate literalist and mediocre minds that cannot handle ambiguity. If, on the other hand, we merge all states in one, then the minority rule will prevail all across.

    Skin Game (Teddy Fay, book 3) by Parnell Hall and Stuart Woods

    This is the reason the U. As I have been repeating to everyone who listens, we are a federation, not a republic. To use the language of Antifragile, decentralization is convex to variations. No, it is the most intolerant person who imposes virtue on others precisely because of that intolerance. The same can apply to civil rights. Simply, they violate the Silver Rule. The West is currently in the process of committing suicide. The market is like a large movie theater with a small door. And the best way to detect a sucker is to see if his focus is on the size of the theater rather than that of the door.

    Revolutions are unarguably driven by an obsessive minority. And the entire growth of society, whether economic or moral, comes from a small number of people. Understanding the genetic makeup of a unit will never allow us to understand the behavior of the unit itself.

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    The underlying structure of reality matters much more than the participants, something policymakers fail to understand. Under the right market structure, a collection of idiots produces a well-functioning market. The researchers Dhananjay Gode and Shyam Sunder came to a surprising result in You populate markets with zero intelligence agents, that is buying and selling randomly, under some structure such that a proper auction process matches bids and offers in a regular way.

    And guess what? We get the same allocative efficiency as if market participants were intelligent. By being employees they signal a certain type of domestication. Someone who has been employed for a while is giving you strong evidence of submissio n. He is an obedient, housebroken dog.

    If the company man is, sort of, gone, he has been replaced by the companies person. The employable person is embedded in an industry, with fear of upsetting not just their employer, but other potential employers. In the famous tale by Ahiqar, later picked up by Aesop then again by La Fontaine , the dog boasts to the wolf all the contraptions of comfort and luxury he has, almost prompting the wolf to enlist. Until the wolf asks the dog about his collar and is terrified when he understands its use.

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    The question is: what would you like to be, a dog or a wolf? Those who use foul language on social networks such as Twitter are sending an expensive signal that they are free —and, ironically, competent. Ironically the highest status, that of a free man, is usually indicated by voluntarily adopting the mores of the lowest class.

    The only way we have left to control suicide-terrorists would be precisely to convince them that blowing themselves up is not the worst-case scenario for them, nor the end scenario at all. Making their families and loved ones bear a financial burden—just as Germans still pay for war crimes—would immediately add consequences to their actions. The penalty needs to be properly calibrated to be a true disincentive, without imparting any sense of heroism or martyrdom to the families in question. And precede talk with action. For it will always remain that action without talk supersedes talk without action.

    While rich people believe in one tax dollar one vote, more humanistic ones in one man one vote, Monsanto in one lobbyist one vote, the IYI believes in one Ivy League degree one vote, with some equivalence for foreign elite schools and PhDs, as these are needed in the club. They are what Nietzsche called Bildungsphilisters—educated philistines. The Intellectual Yet Idiot knows at any given point in time what his words or actions are doing to his reputation. In Florence, it was just revealed that things are even worse: the same handful of families have kept the wealth for five centuries.

    The way to make society more equal is by forcing through skin in the game the rich to be subjected to the risk of exiting from the 1 percen t. Aristotle, in his Rhetoric, postulated that envy is something you are more likely to encounter in your own kin : lower classes are more likely to experience envy toward their cousins or the middle class than toward the very rich.

    Traders, when they make profits, have short communications; when they lose they drown you in details, theories, and charts. The pre-Socratic thinker Periander of Corinth wrote, more than twenty-five hundred years ago: Use laws that are old but food that is fresh. Drink old wine.

    Read old books. Keep old friends. You can define a free person precisely as someone whose fate is not centrally or directly dependent on peer assessment. One should give more weight to research that, while being rigorous, contradicts other peers, particularly if it entails costs and reputational harm for its author. The logician Bertrand Russell was once told that the world sits on turtles.

    And if we are lucky enough to have people who do not look the part, it is thanks to the presence of some skin in the game, the contact with reality that filters out incompetence, as reality is blind to looks. In any type of activity or business divorced from the direct filter of skin in the game, the great majority of people know the jargon, play the part, and are intimate with the cosmetic details, but are clueless about the subject.

    Meanwhile, by contrast, the person who related the story went bankrupt while knowing every intimate detail about the green lumber. Third, we invoked the principle of simplicity, which was called antiscience.

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    It means that the person had to succeed in spite of the credentialization of his competitors and overcome more serious hurdles. Hamburgers, to many of us, are vastly tastier than filet mignon because of the higher fat content, but people have been convinced that the latter is better because it is more expensive to produce. But when they have big bucks they end up pressured to move into outsized, impersonal, and silent mansions, far away from neighbors. But it is too easy to produce, so they opt for the costly, and pizza with fresh natural ingredients will be always cheaper than the complicated crap.

    Models are error-prone, something I knew well with finance; most risks only appear in analyses after harm is done. As far as I know, we only have one planet. So the burden is on those who pollute—or who introduce new substances in larger than usual quantities—to show a lack of tail risk. In fact, the more uncertainty about the models, the more conservative one should be.