The Adventures of Tempest & Serena

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It was well-written, with solid characters, fun episodes, and lessons to be learned, but—I almost had to read this as an adult; there were too many interesting adult-level things going on.

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Rogers episode, all sweetness and light on top but a bunch of powerful, subtle things going on underneath. Anytime you see twins, you have to suspect that the characters are really one person, split in two.

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Or, in this case, perhaps an imaginary friend. Is Tempest real or not? For months. Read on a literal level — it seems impossible, and almost sad: the wild sister comes home.

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I got the sense that she was foolish to go, even though she had such great adventures; she had such a time of it getting back. But—looking at it as though Tempest were an imaginary friend—of course your imaginary friend has to come home; your imagination has to focus on the here-and-now sometimes, too, and it can certainly go haring off whenever it wants to.

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  • But this? I suspect it is, for the right kind of kid. Tempest and Serena Cooper think they are nothing alike. A suspenseful, charming chapter book adventure for readers ages 7 and up. She received a B.

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    Description A stirring, standalone tale from the author of The G. Series chapter books. Wild, brave Tempest wants summer to last forever, while calm, timid Serena can't wait for the quiet joys of the new school year.

    When Tempest decides to skip fourth grade and seek exotic adventures, Serena promises to save her sister's seat on the bus. Will Tempest make it home? Can Serena keep her promise? As each sister battles bullies, disasters, and loneliness, they discover they're more alike than they know.

    Series chapter books, including G.