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A look back at the men, women and machines that made America’s favorite treat possible

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The reason? Often, doughnuts were sold with their own can-do philosophy. Singer Cindy Hutchins' mother recalls buying them after seeing movies at Washington, D. They came with a slip of paper to bolster the downtrodden: "As you go through life make this your goal: Watch the doughnut, not the hole. Probably the hard times led him to sell his secret recipe written out longhand on a slip of paper , and the name Krispy Kreme, to a local store owner named Ishmael Armstrong, who hired his nephew, Vernon Rudolph, and put him to work selling the treats door-to-door.

They borrowed ingredients potatoes, sugar and milk from a kindly grocer, stripped down to survive the heat of baking in July, and emerged with a fresh batch of Krispy Kremes, which they delivered in their Pontiac. That year, Joe Louis was heavyweight champ, Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific, the Golden Gate Bridge was completed, and a popular song was proclaiming that you can live on doughnuts and coffee if "you're in love. North Carolinians soon found their way to Rudolph's operation, and because it's hard to stay wholesale when the fragrance keeps issuing retail flyers for every batch, Rudolph, like Levitt before him, boosted local sales by letting the public see, as well as buy.

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These days the redoubtable doughnut, made by Krispy Kreme and others, is riding high. Krispy Kreme stores, long best known in the South, are spreading North and West, and sales climbed 20 percent in Last February, the New Yorker described the Manhattan store as a "shrine" and once more detailed the doughnut-making process.

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But neither science nor culinary scorn nor outright scolding deters devotees, who variously describe Krispy Kreme's hot "original glazed" doughnut with terms like "angelic" or even "sugar-coated air. David Shayt is one of the collections managers in charge of the Smithsonian's ongoing and never ending effort to acquire for the future significant artifacts from American technology and culture, so that the future will have a permanent record.

For him and his colleagues, the old Ring King Jr. Shayt is pleased that the Institution also has in storage four empty paper sacks each labeled with the proper ingredients for Krispy Kreme doughnuts. That stays locked up in a safe in Winston-Salem. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology. World History. Science Age of Humans. It was definitely good enough to keep me happily reading from beginning to end, and I found myself easily visualizing the characters and town of Canary Corners.

I actually thought as I'd pretty much judged a book by its cover and downloaded it without reading the synopsis that I was goin This is a solid story that aches to be classified as 'light reading' although it actually deals with some serious topics.

I actually thought as I'd pretty much judged a book by its cover and downloaded it without reading the synopsis that I was going to be reading a true children's book. I thought it'd be a bit funny, a bit cute, etc, with a simple mystery inside.

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Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found! He seems over-the-top gregarious. However, he is a likable, quirky character, so its not too bad at all. I will say, when looking at the Goodreads synopsis, I was very happy to see the author's note that the Adam and Bagel mystery books are 'gentle' books where we can be assured we will never see any cursing, overt sex, or gore. As the name of my blog suggests - I love horror and scifi - but I also love finding books that I can earmark as stories to read with my child when she gets a bit older, and books like this definitely fit the bill!

Shelves: cozy-mysteries , read-or-earlier. I gave it four stars. Adam wants to stop helping the police with his extrasensory knowledge. His last job was finding a girl who'd been kidnapped by a pedophile. At the same site, even though this girl was found alive there were multiple graves. It was too much for him. He moved from Chicago to a rural area after he assumed a new name.

When his mother, who owned the very special dog, Bagel, died of cancer, Adam inherited him.

Bagel Helps Find Robin Hood

This tells of some of their adventures. Can Adam keep his identity a secret? Can he keep his wealth a secret? Can he learn how to understand the way Bagel communicates? This kept me reading into the wee hours to find out the answers. Jun 11, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-free. Weak 3 star read. The story itself is cute and fun and it works. But we spend a lot of time settling the background before we get to the mystery.

It was enjoyable enough reading the background, but I hope the author does better in future books. This book needs some polish. It had out of place symbols, spaces before some periods, and a few lines of bright yellow highlighting. Also plural vs. Most of that is minor, but I have never seen "presume" used so much ever Weak 3 star read.

Most of that is minor, but I have never seen "presume" used so much ever before in my life and it got really ridiculous with various characters presuming things all over the place! Jan 23, Daylight Reviews rated it did not like it. Didn't care for the subject matter and couldn't get through the difficult sentences.

A good try but needs far more editing before it's ready for readers.

The Dog Who Ate the Airplane

Mar 30, Judy A. Ptacek rated it really liked it. Mystery with a paranormal twist The main character is a newspaper reporter with psychic visions. His dog has far from normal dog skills. Together they go about solving murders in some pretty strange ways. The story has a good plot and charming characters. I recommend this book to all who enjoy cozy mysteries. Dec 30, Elizabeth Pitt rated it it was ok.

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I would have enjoyed a book based on just the first chapter. I was so entranced then flipped to chapter two and pretty much skimmed the rest of the book to find out about the dog in the title. He seemed a minor character. The dialog was sooooooo boring and nobody really has conversations like that. Sorry I found this rather boring after the first chapter. Jun 05, Beverly rated it liked it. This book is such a take off on Braun's "cat who Independently wealthy-check. Small town full of characters-check. Animal that helps solve the mystery-check.

That being said, I did enjoy the story, if not the stilted way the hero acts and talks. I definitely would read more if they were free, but I wouldn't pay much for them. Jul 20, Stephanie Lilley rated it it was ok. This was awful. The dog didn't appear until halfway through the book and, honestly, everything that happened before that didn't need to be told.

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Writing was stiff and passive. As a beagle rescuer, I really wanted to like this book so I could then go on to read the series but, ugh, just can't do it. Mar 01, Vicky rated it really liked it. It was my first book by this author. It was very entertaining. The character is quite a gentleman. I didn't understand at first how a dog would be a part of this story. The beagle is unusual for a dog, but it does make for an interesting character.

I'm anxious to start the second book. Jul 22, Cornflakefrontiernet. Interesting, but definitely not a nail biter. Bagel the beagles is quite a character. Story moves along well. Good variety of characters. Bagel the dog is quite exceptional.