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THE BLACK DAHLIA by James Ellroy

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Great Male Narcissist

Chronicle 3. The Dark Knight Rises 4. Uhls describes that script as a "romantic comedy, but not a typical romantic comedy. It has to do with the characters' attitudes toward a healthy relationship, which is a lot of behavior which seems unhealthy and harsh to each other, but in fact does work for them -- because both characters are out on the edge psychologically.

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Headline News brief. Subscribe to one of our news e-mail lists. Enter your address:. Go To EDT GMT 'Fight Club' page 1 , 2 Sniffing the potential for media disaster, director David Fincher seized the high ground and declared that what made the bloodshed in "Fight Club" different from that in, say, "Blade," was this: "'Fight Club' puts violence in a context that is moral.

All Rights Reserved. Terms under which this service is provided to you. Read our privacy guidelines. There are forward and backward leaps in time, but the main thread moves through the story as we have all received it. In this way, one may feel drawn into the experiences of various characters, while simultaneously treading above some darker, plunging depth. At other moments, there is only the residue of memory, the granitic presence of a fact.

LA Confidential author James Ellroy - coping with his mother’s murder - Ireland Unfiltered #35

Sam Stern, an assistant counsel on the Warren Commission, wants to know about the blood. In Dallas, gathering testimony for the report, Stern seems to break from the flat, just-the-facts questioning to ask Bobby about the blood. He had arrived at the hospital after picking up a man having a seizure while waiting for the motorcade near the Texas School Book Depository Building.

Now the rush of people and bodies swept passed Rike, pushing him up against a corridor wall:. Next to him an agent wrestled with a metal folding chair.

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Al tried not to look. Shifting on his gurney, he wiped cold sweat off his brow. Outside the trauma room with Mrs.

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In a metal folding chair? Al noticed her lips, taut and still, just parted enough for some air to get through. Nobody talked to her. Her husband lay behind the door while surgeons of all stature pretended to try to keep him alive.

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It was as if people were frightened of her. The agent had told her to sit and wait. So she sat and waited. Al wished he were one of those people who knew the right things to say. She deserved the respect of comfort. A kind word. But his whole brain felt tongue-twisted. Just a twenty-five-year old Texas boy who started his day by scooping up epileptics. It was enough for him just to keep his composure.