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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Bridges, who considers the exoskeleton Gauss developed using Bridges' software to be his own property, pursues Gauss to claim the technology for himself.

Gauss reinvents himself as a costumed criminal named "the Folded Man". His new criminal career brings him into conflict with Wally West , the third Flash , although he has so far escaped capture. Folded Man is one of the escapees shown following the events after Captain Cold broke free and escaped Iron Heights. They plan to take her hostage as "insurance", however Barry Allen as the current Flash speeds in and saves the day.

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One notable difference in Folded Man's design is that his grey exoskeleton seems stitched into his actual flesh, instead of being a removable costume. This version of the folded man is actually a different person entirely. One of the Acolytes of Zoom , Xolani was a slave to diamond miners in the reaches Southern Africa in the 's.

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Struck by lightning and imbued with the Speed Force , Xolani had gained the ability to teleport vast distances and used this ability to steal from his would be captors. Reasoning that they would no longer enslave his people along with him and his wife if they could not profit, Xolani regularly raided their cache of diamonds and would hide them away as he stashed them in a cave.

Despite how careful he was to hide away his stolen diamonds, his wife would find and keep one that Xolani had unknowingly left by accident, leading to the slavers finding it and killing his entire village while he was away. Approached by Zoom and Magali , he was offered a chance for revenge and a chance to master his abilities, which he accepted. Unbeknownst to him, Zoom had actually set this up from the beginning, using his super speed to misplace one of the diamonds that were stolen in his wife's bed.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A villain who makes use of a special cane that enables him to cast complete darkness at will. Reformed in the s Starman series. A criminal from the 70th century who is accidentally sent to by a time travel experiment. The Flash is finally able to send him back just before his execution.

Peter Merkel was born "triple-jointed" which enabled him to flex farther than any other human being. He hid in a rag doll costume and robbed stores. Has recently died, but has had several children, a few of whom are also Ragdolls, including a daughter who is also a villain, a son that is a member of the Secret Six , and another yet revealed son mentioned by his brother.

Dies in JSA Classified 7. Clifford Devoe, a former DA, was a villain who used a specially designed "thinking cap" as an aid in conjuring up and performing various crimes, and a founding member of the Injustice Society of the World , in which position he captured the Flash.

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He later became friends with the Flash before dying from cancer ; however, his Thinking Cap technology has become a computer program that made itself into a villain that battled Wally West and the rest of the JSA. Dies in Flash Vol. A villain who used slowness-related weapons against the Flash, was inactive for a long time, then reappeared and now has the power to take away speed from people. Dies in Wonder Woman Vol. Nothing is known of the life of Erik Razar before he became a small-time gangster in Keystone City.

In the early s, Razar ran a small mob that was taken over by gangster Topper Hull. Hull framed Razar and had sent him to prison. In the summer of , Razar hatched a plan to escape by sabotaging the prison power generator. His plan had an unforeseen side-effect, charging Razar with enormous amounts of electricity and giving him the ability to change into different animals.

Razar used his new powers to escape and set out in pursuit of Hull. Disguised as a bird, Razar learns that Hull has planned a bank job by intercepting an armored car delivery. Razar decided to torture Hull by thwarting his crimes and intercepted the car first. By this point, the police had consulted with scientist Jay Garrick who was among those who witnessed Razar, as a large bull elephant, intercept and dismantle the armor car.

Quickly changing to the Flash, Garrick engaged the shape-shifting criminal, but was quickly dispatched into a large water reservoir. Rose Canton had a multiple personality disorder , the Thorn, who was a villain, and who used thorn-themed weapons. She married Alan Scott , the first Green Lantern , and later committed suicide. Dies in Infinity Inc. Annual 1.

List of Flash enemies

Isaac Bowin was a villain who used a violin to perform crimes, usually by using the violin to hypnotize people or cause vibrations which could shatter objects after learning skills from a fakir he was in prison with, before murdering him. He first tried to frame his brother, but was defeated and pretened to commit suicide.

Later he resurfaced. Recently, he joined the Secret Six , but when he failed a mission, he was killed by Deadshot on the orders of their leader, Mockingbird. After his death, a woman found his violin and is now using it, calling herself Virtuoso. Dies in Villains United 1.

Star Sapphire. A queen of the Seventh Dimension, she tried to take over the Earth twice but failed. She is now trapped in the Gem. The Rival. Edward Clariss, a professor at the university attended by the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, believed he had recreated the formula that gave Garrick his speed, which he called "Velocity 9".

The Folded Man ist das letzte Bus-Meta [Pulse News]

However, this formula was only temporary, and he was defeated despite trying to use different fumes to take away the Flash's speed. Later he escaped from jail, but went into the Speed Force itself. He is now pure energy from the Speed Force. He joined Johnny Sorrow 's Injustice Society and committed numerous murders which spelt out his name, but he was defeated by the Flash before he could murder Joan.

Last appeared in Impulse A criminal from the 38th century, who the authorities decide to exile to the 50th century when Earth is desolate. He is accidentally sent to the 20th century and tries to steal equipment needed to repair his Time Capsule, such as gold to coat it, and get back to the future to exact revenge, using advanced heat-based weapons. The Flash discovers this and captures Mazdan, who escapes using a contact lens that fires lasers and a "magnetic rod" that focuses heat; the Flash discovers that if Mazdan escapes using his Time Capsule, it will destroy everything within a radius of at least ten miles, killing thousands.

He uses his superspeed to break through the time barrier with Mazdan, who, oddly enough, does not die from the friction and returns to the 38th century. The authorities say they will make sure next time the Time Capsule reaches the 50th century and the Flash returns to his own time. Mazdan later escapes to the 20th century and uses a mind-affecting hallucinatory weapon to cause trouble for the Flash, but is beaten again and returned to prison.

A trio of identical brothers who commit crimes while the city has been distracted by three giant boxes they have placed in each other after a fog has descended on the city, which the authorities try to open. Flash jails the first two as they attempt robberies with clever tricks, like a tightrope which the first one cuts and spring-heeled shoes, and jails the last one when he attempts a bank robbery by draining his live wire suit with which he intended to break his brothers out with silver.

It is then revealed the last box led into the bank vault. A fish-like undersea race that kidnaps humans to work as slaves. After the Elongated Man disappears while skin-diving on his honeymoon, Flash is called by his wife, and reveals other skin-divers have disappeared around here, but he is knocked out with a blast and captured himself. He finds himself in a tank, where skin-divers are fished out and become the slave of the fisherman that captures them. The weakened Flash is captured while trying to get food and forced to work building a house in the city of Breta, and finds the blow that captured the Elongated Man has made him lose his memory.

He restores it by making him use his power, and together they defeat the Bretans, who agree to never again kidnap humans and return them. Len Snart was a criminal who wanted a chance to get rid of the Flash. Seeing an article about a weapon that might disrupt the Flash's Speed, Snart made a gun and exposed it to radiations.

Transgressive fiction that keeps us shuddering for Britain's future

However due to the fact Snart was not experienced in the use of the device and activated it wrongly, instead of slowing the Flash down, the gun could freeze anything to absolute zero , which he discovered when he accidentally used it on a watchman. Calling himself Captain Cold, Snart started out on a criminal career. He is the leader of the Rogues. Known for being a sympathetic villain, Cold has a sense of honor. Cold has strict rules on how the Rogues should act, such as no drugs and to not kill unless they have to.

He also has a sense of loyalty to his team and watches out for them. Sentient, cloud-like creatures which emerge from underground to take over the world and can project lightning.

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  7. The Flash notices each has a dark spot on them, and realises striking it will destroy the cloud. He skims over normal clouds and is able to dissipate the invaders, turning them to rain. Albert Desmond suffered from a split personality, one a good person and the other evil. Originally calling himself Mr. Element and using element-themed devices before being captured by the Flash, he changed it to Dr. Alchemy when he found the Philosopher's Stone which could transmute elements after hearing of it from a cellmate, and was able to transmute elements, although the effects only lasted for about 20 minutes.

    Soon it was found out that there were two Desmonds, Albert, the good one and Alvin, the bad, and that they shared a mental link. Alvin was destroyed, but Albert became Dr. Alchemy again. The Dokris were a species of green-skinned aliens who briefly conquered Earth in the year Under the leadership of Mynher, they sent a hive to the distant past, ,, BC, which robbed Earth's minerals of all its radioactivity. This, in turn, caused the atomic weapons of humanity to deactivate.

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    In the first use of the Cosmic Treadmill , Kid Flash went to the past to destroy the hive, and Flash to the future to battle the aliens so that they did not wipe out humanity. He is knocked out by a radiation gun and taken captive, and Kid Flash is stung by a giant insect in the past. Finally he is given an antidote by half-man, half-bird beings. He destroys the hive, causing the weapons of the future to work again, meaning the aliens are defeated.

    Undersea superfast creatures that resemble black fish with limbs who attack another race, the Saremites. The Flash finds out about the Saremites from an astronaut who was saved when his capsule fell into the sea by the Muagites, and defeats a horde of them. By the end the Saremites are making weapons, having been shown the Maugites can be defeated. While working in a prison workshop, Sam Scudder accidentally stumbled upon a mirror that could project holograms.

    When he escaped, he made more mirror gadgets, and became the Mirror Master. He has created many different mirrors that can do various things like travel into other dimensions. He was killed during Crisis on Infinite Earths , however there have been others. Grodd was an inhabitant of Gorilla City , a peaceful society of super-intelligent gorillas of which Grodd was the only evil one.

    A mastermind in his early years with vast mental powers, he has become more savage and stronger recently, to the point where he wants to "feast on the bones" of the Flash. Hartley Rathaway was born deaf, but was cured after his rich parents sought a way to make him hear. Once he could hear, he became obsessed with music and sound , and made many sound-based weapons.