Theology and the Arts: Engaging Faith (Routledge Studies in Religion)

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Two pages on each of movies. Fraser, Peter.

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Routledge Studies in Religion

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More often than not, conversations with others fail as much because one speaks without really having anything of substance to say on the subject matter as because she or he fails to listen to the other. In this case, as Yates has said, it is the claim to truth of the work of art that must engage our enterprise as our shared subject matter.

We must identify our own voices if we intend to hear the voice of the other as the voice of the Absolute Other. As Yates has insisted, theologians have entered into discussion with the arts and with artists too frequently with little experience in the philosophy of art, the history of art, or aesthetic awareness. If theology and art are to become partners in dialogue, theologians must broaden their own intellectual and experiential horizons enough to become open to the voices of their artistic partners, and artists must do the same.

Richard Viladesau and Frank Burch Brown have both developed aesthetic theologies that value the dialogue that is possible as one recognizes that works of art are always visual manifestations of the voice of a partner in quest of the emergence of truth and meaning see Viladesau , and Brown , From the side of practicing artists, Deborah Sokolove and John Shorb—fellow panelists in the San Diego response to Yates—represent artists who are also trained theologically and practice their gifts within the context of theological institutions.

Deborah Haynes has been a regular contributor to the richness of this discussion as well. David E. Linge Berkeley: University of California Press, Ruth Illman and W. Richard P. Brice R. All Rights Reserved. Collection of the artist.